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APS (Activation Power System) card is today’s safest and smartest payment card

Using activation system, APS fundamentally prevents card fraud, saving issuer fraud management costs and providing users with profound security.
APS provides multi-level of security authentications, activation and OTP system.

When a card is not in use, all card-holder information such as card number, name, expiration date, and CVC/CVV does not appear on the screen.
APS card can be used only when it is authenticated by the right holder.
It is possible to have dynamic CVC, thus, every time you activate your card CVC changes.



APS card does protect a true owner from both offline and online fraud attemps.


Unless the card is activated, card information (including cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date and CVC) is invisible. No one can use except a true owner.


Maintaining the same advantage of traditional card.


APS mobile application enables you to set features, limits and modes of your card: various validation modes, payment history, payment GPS location and many more.


Applicable to any card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Union Pay certification ... in process.


The battery of the card has a long life capacity no worry about recharging.

And more. State of the art & fashionable!

We got the solution that issuers like …
・Reduced or eliminated insurance costs.
・Enhanced card security
・Provide competitiveness to banks
・New revenue mode


Alliance Partner APS S.A


Head Office
TECHNOPORT, Rue du Commerce L-3895 Foetz LUXEMBOURG
R&D Center
#210, Wangsimni-ro 24na-gil 20, Seongdong-gu,Seoul, 04709 KOREA

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How it works

Where can you get the APS card?

Would you like to start using an APS card?
Simply request your bank to switch to secure APS card.Please note we are supplying the cards to issuers only.
Today,end-users are unable to buy the card directly from APS company.

Activation Process


Tap your card to switch it on


APP pops up on the pre-registered mobile phone for authentication process


Confirm the activation on the App


APS card is now activated and ready to use

Mobile Application

APS card connects to your a smartphone through Bluetooth.

Mobile App* is used for authentication and adjusting the card settings to your preference.

① Activation time limit settings : 1 minute to 6 hours (default 5 minutes)
② Maximum number of payments with each activation from 1 to 10
③ Payment history tracking up to 5 years
④ E-mailing of payment records2
⑤ Spotting the GPS payment locations up to 5 years
⑥ And much more great features

Our Story

APS S.A. has been set up in Luxembourg in April 2016 as a result of a 2 years Research & Development on payment card security technologies and an extensive market research of the card-manufacturing industry. The founder Mr. Lee in cooperation with in Korea, have developed a payment card that guarantees safety in any payment channels, online and offline. The core business of APS S.A. is to develop, manufacture, market and sell APS cards.

APS Tomorrow

We don’t stop just here …

APS CARD can be applied and used in many field.

・public services and transport payment card
・multi-card (several cards in one)
・secure Student/Company ID and payment
・Bitcoin credit card

Our Company

146 Robinson Road #12-01 Singapore 068909
Company Name
Noboru Fujisaki

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